Explore the Future of Talent Acquisition

Discover Addvising, an innovative platform designed to transform your talent outreach experience. Our cutting-edge features offer a seamless integration of AI-driven tools, tailored to match talents with job opportunities and team cultural fit like never before

Key Features

You can share your team's profile with others such as recruiters or headhunters. This helps them not only check the hard skills of possible candidates but to also check if they would be a good fit to your team's personality preferences. Only the team report will be shared without any information about the team members. Other features are:

  • AI-Driven Talent Matching
    Efficiently align LinkedIn profiles with job descriptions for the best fit.
  • Profile Management
    Bookmark and annotate LinkedIn profiles for easy reference over our Chrome extension.
  • Personality analysis
    Each answered questionnaire will be used to generate a personality report. This is done by our AI, allowing a much less biased analysis of the written answers and comments.
  • Streamlined Export
    Organize and export candidate lists based on match quality.

We are still in closed beta. If you would like to test Addvising, send us an invite request.

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Would you like to test Addvising?

We are still in a closed beta, but if you are an early adopter, we would send you an invitation code.

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